Monday, April 28, 2008

together again after 8 months

We are standing at the front entrance of a quaint church in Pocantico Hills New York. It is non denominational and could probably house around fifty guests on their pews. What makes this Union Church exceptional? Her stained glass windows. The very first stained glass window that was installed is a masterful piece done by Matisse. He designed it as commissioned by the Rockefellers in honor of Abby Rockefeller on Mother's Day in 1956.Two days after Matisse designed the glass rose, he died of a heart attack in France. This could probably be his last work to date.
The South huge windows and all the side windows were all done my another modern master; Marc Chagall. All of these windows which depicts biblical events and prophets were made in Reims, France. The stained glass windows were just simply breath-taking. Thanks Jesse for sharing this rare gem of the Hudson. XOXO

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