Monday, April 28, 2008

Her name is Jesse

Jessica Hutchinson Minutaglio. She is passionate about so many things. The arts, music, photography, traveling, the environment, sustainable living, eating healthy, cooking healthy, tasting different foods, running, trying out new
She is ten years younger than me but she is a woman way ahead of her time. We have been friends since 2002 as co workers on the lower east side of Manhattan. There are a million and one things about Jesse that I would really want to share. She is funny, kind-hearted, great with kids, a keeper and teller of wonderful stories, she has the most outrageous ideas that really works, she loves reading and writing, she can paint, draw, sketch, do cut outs, she is a good shopper too. She loves the wild, and loves to garden, she also made me appreciate museums, flowers, plants and films. I thought we would be physically close for a long time but in the summer of 2007, she had to move to Minnesota (Jess would always say, change is good). Of course; it breaks my heart but these things that we decide on are things that make us grow, keep us stronger and broadens our horizon. I miss Jesse so much but I am also very happy for her. In just 8 months she has accomplished so many things. The traveling with Benjamin all over Canada, settling in Minneapolis and buying a house are definitely milestones. After so many months I get to see you again Jess and I am so glad that we are friends. You have given me so much in life and I will always be grateful. You are truly the best. I hope to see you soon and we will cook pancit and lumpia in your new kitchen. LOVE YAH.

Thank you so much for taking us to Blue Hill farms, the Union Church in Pocantico Hills, the drive to Usonia with all those houses architecturally designed after Frank Lloyd Wright's tenets ( and one home he designed himself), taking us to see your parent's home and meeting Matty and mom Sue Anne in Armonk and the talk we had which is not enough,still; thank you thank you thank you.


Shonnie said...

Wow I can not believe I stumbled across this site....

I always wanted to know about my
God sister. Here it is she was living in NY and still I never got a chance to "meet her again" being as the last time I saw and met her was when I was (maybe) 5 years old. I am her God-sister and all I know is her first and last name and what she looks like. I love my God family and I wish we can have more time together. I'm glad you had the chance to have her in your life, because thru you now I know who Jessie is. Thank you for this posting.
Be Bless


everly rose said...

shonnie, hi i am still in contact with her, or you can search for her in facebook, it will be great if you get reconnected, i could not send you an email im not sure why, goodluck and let me know what happens