Sunday, October 12, 2008

the movable poblano

Resilience is the word. Since 9/11, where I work, down in Chinatown by the East River it is the way of life. RESILIENCE is the key. To live and go through the day with uppity feeling, less denying of truth and staggering push from our inner being to keep on going as the going gets rough. We are still building a sturdier foundation from that day in September seven years ago and now the crash of the stock market happened. The impact is huge and such magnitude are reeling the suits in a world of crazy oblivion. Out comes anti-depressant medications, shrinks are cancelling appointments with an influx of patients; shrinks are no longer accepting new patients with an overwhelming influx of people unwilling to change a luxurious lifestyle in place of going back to the basics. As for me and of those who are like me, no biggie; I am used to living the simple life.
There is an advantage being austere. My friend Jeng(from California) who just had a wonderful baby last September 30 named Nathaniel Luis shared her thoughts about this economic hardship that is now globally expanding in exponential form. " Aren't we lucky we grew up in a way of life that is probably hard and simple. This economy is making so many people nuts but for us who is just living the basics, it does not hurt that much." She was right, until dinner last Friday night, the 10th of October.
I was having mung beans with malunggay leaves sauteed with garlic and onion and coconut cream was also added. It was a dish shared to me by my neighbor and gal pal Judy. The next day, I decided to cook some squid, the way that is done back home; "adobong pusit". I sauteed some garlic, ginger, onions and tomatoes, added a can of crushed pineapple, let it simmer for awhile then added the pieces of squid or calamare. Salt and pepper will finish the dish with exquisite taste that reminds me of home, miles and miles away from home. Then I glanced upon two poblano peppers that were just dunked within the mung bean dish from last night's dinner. I figured the peppers still look great. Firm and still tangy and peppery in odor. If it still smells good maybe it would still taste great. What do you know? I scooped those peppers out, washed it a little on cold running water and tossed it in within my bubbling ready to serve squid dish.
It dawned on; these are really trying times.
Am I embarrassed? Definitely not. I was reflective enough to realize so many things. Now, I am more cautious with how I spend and what I am spending it for. I am more aware of what I should be throwing out and what I must keep. When it comes to food I only have to buy what I need for just a week. I never hoard but I have a tendency to buy things I would probably use after twelve months. I have been a "recessionista" way before there was a recession but sometimes I do backslide.
Those poblanos are movable, perhaps, we can shift to a more simple and meaningful life that is not identified with 401K's and aggressive money market funds.

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