Wednesday, November 05, 2008

young barack

with his sister maya, mom ann and grandfather in Hawaii. I love this picture. No one knew that this boy will lead the greatest country in the world until 2008.


The first Black President of the United States. He has changed the whole electoral voting history of this country. He will reside in a home built by slaves. Among 44 presidents, 12 of whom owned slaves. Obama epitomizes true unity, it is in his blood being both white and black. His christian faith and respect to his Muslim brothers unites not only Americans perhaps the whole world. In his speech as he was proclaimed president-elect, though subtle and somber, it was strong and well defined. He addressed his ideals not only to his constituents but to all whom he shall lead. It has only began. The journey will be hard and tedious but giving up will never be an option. The pages of his book is wide open and hope falters no more. Barack Obama will definitely reshape this country as we all follow this man who will move us forward.

He is humble. He seeks not only prayers, support and strength for his being but for us all. To help him, as he gives his heart, his will and his life to his people. This is truly the day as one new yorker did say. The day when we see this man walk the steps his forefathers had paved so many years ago, never believing that someone of their color will reside in this house. Indeed. . .free at last!