Friday, October 19, 2007

Paoay Church by Danilo Pangan...close up

With Danilo's sister Ms. Eugenia Pangan-David

More of Danilo Pangan's work

Artist Danilo Pangan- behind him is "Jose Rizal's ancestral home"

Regarding Mr. Danilo Pangan

(Making the best deal with Filipino Painter/World Class Artist Mr. Dan Pangan...swerte and humbled to acquire a masterpiece hi hi hi)(Paoay Church-oil and acrylic on canvas with wood carving)

The artist hones his work with love for his filipino roots and passion for nature that surrounds him. Embellished homes of wood carved into indigenous fruits, trees and plants portrays a vellum hovering the central pieces of his work. Danilo Pangan opened his show on October 9 2007 at the Lobby of the Philippine Embassy along 5th avenue in Manhattan, New York City. He was well received, admired for his non-incredulous voyage of tint, hue, line, curve and detail. The churches and filipino ancestral homes that he paints come alive from a window view; also a part of the work's composition. The most dramatic nudge of his work were the wood carvings he installed within the canvas. Danilo pays attention to each detail of a pineapple, leaves of banana trees and the subtle dance of papaya trees. An old rocking chair with woven backs of raffia or abaca strings matches the decorative vases inside a home that is across Rizal's ancestral abode. Mr. Pangan's sister Ms. Gene Pangan- David constantly makes one feel that each piece is a perfect gift for a love one, a close friend, a family and will complement any home. Ms. David takes care of her younger brother while he does his show in both the east and west coast of the united states. The experience is a once in a lifetime blessing. A sudden quick turn in my universally "trying to reallign it life"...and it's all for good. This is one reason why I am so proud of being a Pinay and a true blooded filipino. It is because of people like Mr. Dan Pangan who pushes his passion for world class status based on his love for his filipino roots and culture.